About Us

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We as a Avic family want to make sure that our customers receive good quality of products. We as a “Avic” team wish to give the best results to our customers such as; make them feel comfortable and make them feel special about what they wear. Our research and development team works coordinately with our design team where they are ready to produce and prepare current trends for our valuable customers. Sustainable quality and design as well as a healthy society is made possible by healthy generations. Pursuing this idea of the principles international EKO-TEX principle of environmental and science tests performed in laboratories certified by textile fabric companies and use of materials used in the production process. All the testing is done meticulously checks by our professional team members in the field and switched to the production stage. Today, the organization of the production is very important stage in order to increase the quality of the product. We are working diligently with our professional teammates from the starting of the production process until the end of it. We make sure that everything works perfect with the product from the beginning until the end.

Production processes will be the most important step of all because every step is linked to each other, organization is another step to this situation. In order to prevent the negative and the time loss to the stage in the production process of each process measures and check carefully. When our company receives an order our production department creates a specific date in order to complete the order on time. Reporting and technical data is always available for our valuable customers in order for them to check their order. At the end, timely delivery of planned production is achieved by providing the final checks. In our company manufacturing R & D and design, modeling households, Fabric planning, production planning, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, ironing, packing and are able to provide the appropriate range of products to a wide audience of healthy quality and fashion trend and the local and international markets to handle the shipment. We are pleased to offer you these valuable opportunities to our customers. We as a Avic not only we produce in our company but we produce outside of Turkey cooperating with our suppliers coordinately. With our suppliers we are continuing to grow each and each day. Avic dedicated to excellence in production quality management system, and the field of textile technology also enables a high level of efficiency combined with experienced staff to our esteemed customers with serving over 20 years.